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  1. Brandfolder asset request

    Use this form to request photos or graphic assets that you don't see in Brandfolder.


  1. Damaged Equipment/Vehicle Form

    **Please remember to complete PSTrax notification for this incident

  2. Out of Service Hose

    information for OOS fire hose

  3. R&D Item/Idea Submission Form
  4. Water Usage Training Form

    This is to notify the Training Division that water was used during training to fulfill the monthly request the water department.

  1. Leave Request Form - Admin
  2. Public Education Event Form
  3. Safety Team

Human Resources

  1. Request to send Everyone Castle Rock email

    Employees can use this form to request permission to send a Townwide email. Please submit non-urgent requests at least three business... More…

Town Attorney

  1. Contract Termination Request

    Please fill out this form to terminate an existing contract with the Town.

  2. Request a Contract

    Please fill out the form below to request a new contract or amendment. Allow two weeks for preparation. For contracts going to Town... More…

  1. Request a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  2. Request an Amendment

    Please fill out the form below to request a new amendment. Allow two weeks for preparation. For amendments going to Town Council,... More…


  1. High 5 Nomination

    Nominations for Castle Rock Water appreciation awards

  2. Utilities Tactics and Implementation Plan
  1. Safety Reporting Form

Website Redesign

  1. Employee Survey

    We’re excited to embark on a journey to redesign, our Town’s flagship website! Help us help you! Give us your ideas for... More…