How do we submit FMLA hours?

For the time being, FMLA will be added as sick, vacation or personal time and HR will manually code this as FMLA Leave in the project field. 

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1. My sick and vacation accrual balances are not correct in UKG.
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3. Why do I need to enter my start/end times as well as lunch breaks?
4. I can’t change my bank accounts.
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13. How do we change overtime hours to comp time? Likewise, how do we move holiday hours to our holiday bank?
14. How do we submit FMLA hours?
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17. Are Training Hours under “Activity”?
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20. Do salaried employees need to report time worked if on a flex schedule and they work more than 8 hours in a day or less than 8 hours another day?
21. If I request time off and then don’t take that time off, how do I ensure that the system doesn’t take those hours?
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23. Why do I need to enter my start/end times as well as lunch breaks?
24. I’m a supervisor and I don’t see all of my employees.
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26. How do I delegate my permissions to someone while I am out of the office?
27. If a supervisor delegates to another supervisor, do all of those timesheets go to that supervisor?
28. If you delegate workflow, does that prevent you from approving your employees’ timesheets?
29. The dispatchers cannot see the various options in the “time off” drop-down menu.