How are my wellness points paid out?

You've taken the time and made effort surrounding your wellness, and so you've earned points. Good for you! Hopefully, you've had some fun along the way. And, hopefully, you could use a little extra cash just in time for the holidays.

Since 2015, a year-end check has been the method by which all participating employees receive their wellness rewards. No action is required on your part to initiate the payout -- just engage in the wellness program, and your 2022 reward will come to you on your December 2, 2022 paycheck.

A couple of items of note

  • Wellness incentives paid are considered part of your taxable income. The amount of your payout will be "grossed up" for FICA and Medicare, so the amount of your reward will be equal to the amount of points you earned. The reward is subject to Federal and State income taxes.
  • Those separating employment with the Town before the end of the year will be paid out for all wellness points earned as of their separation dates.

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2. How are my wellness points paid out?