How do I join the Healthy Living Team?

All benefits-eligible employees are eligible to participate in the wellness program, regardless of whether they are enrolled in the Town's healthcare plan. The Town partners with Wellable, an online wellness support platform.  New employees will receive an email invitation from Wellable to join the Healthy Living Team. If you can't find the email from Wellable, you can request a new activiation code by emailing Wellable. Next download the Wellable App Android or download the Wellable App iOS. Link your favorite activity tracker on the Wellable app. Follow the instructions on the Bulletin Board page of the Wellable app. Then start reporting your walking, cycling and physical activity using the Wellable app on your smartphone or on the Wellable Website Maximum daily points for walking, cycling or other physical activity is 1,500 points.

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1. How do I join the Healthy Living Team?
2. How are my wellness points paid out?